Common code for implementing Twitch bots.
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The codebase currently consists mainly of unstable, experimental code. This will be stabilized over time, so the code should not be relied on or even used in its current state.


  • Banphrase API
  • Parallel command execution in channel with concurrency limits
  • Tag expansion
  • Owner commands to enable/disable features or otherwise modify conf

Broken after refactor:

  • chjoin login is in a bad state (no cooldowns, no rejoins on fail/banned-user, poor support for PART cooldown)
  • tracker: badges
  • tracker: twitch/rewardgift/domain => msg-param-domain
  • tracker: emotesets


  • Cooldown after executing delayed command doesn't (always) work

New features

  • Command execution pooling for sync commands

    • Channel tied to pool instance (also does banphrase checking)
    • Don't queue additional commands if too many commands are pending
  • Refactor command system for lookup-performance

  • Add command aliasing system

    • Virtual commands that map (per-channel) to real commands with fast lookup

Future work

  • Replace pubsub with EventSub

Quality of life

  • Debugging
    • Connection info
    • Map channels to connection
    • Show active channel config/state